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About Royal Etch

Royal Etch develops and creates innovative hair etching tools and supplies for Hair Artists, Barbers and Stylists. Our products reflect our commitment to detail, precision and streamlined, exclusive style. We are driven by innovation, freedom and individuality.

Ultimately, our hair etching tools are designed to help you to create the hair designs sparked within your mind’s eye. With all that being said, we are here to support you and help to nurture your art!


Our mission is to inspire, empower and encourage the world to embrace the gifts that lie within the human spirit. The Royal Etch collection of hair etching tools are a reflection of our passion for individuality, courage and rocking your true self.

In essence, we believe strongly that artists can help create unity and acceptance of all people worldwide.

  • Freedom lies within you
  • Patience is a virtue
  • Creativity cannot be judged
  • We are one human family
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Live without limits
  • Be yourself
  • Rock dope hair designs 🙂
Hair Etching Tools featuring Razor Design Pen and Nape Undercut Hair Tattoo Designs

Royal Etch is owned and operated by Sara Rose Anderson and Aaron Kuiper, a husband and wife team. While small, Royal Etch is a family team committed to serving hair artists across the world. With a past in entrepreneurship and product development, Sara brings over 12 years of digital marketing experience to the team. Additionally, Aaron brings a wealth of operations and logistics experience from 8 years served in the USMC.

Sara Rose Anderson, Founder, Royal Etch
Sara Rose Anderson
(941) 677-2826
Aaron C Kuiper
(941) 677-2826