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Hair Etching Tools Featuring Razor Design Pen

Hair etching tools designed for barbers, hair artists, stylists and licensed cosmetologists. Create stunning undercut, nape and hair tattoo designs with our razor design pen.

Hair Etching Tools featuring Razor Design Pen and Nape Undercut Hair Tattoos


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User-Friendly Design

Designed with enhanced grip functionality and a streamlined design; the Royal Etch razor design pen makes it easy to create smooth lines and geometric shapes.

Design with Precision

The Royal Etch hair pen includes replaceable micro razors for improved accuracy. Furthermore, these tiny razors empower you to create undercut designs with precision and detail.

Royal Etch Hair Etching Tools Pen Razor

Hair Etching Creativity

Made for artists, our hair etching tool gives you unlimited opportunities to create hair tattoo designs time and time again. Finally, unleash your full creative power!

Durable and Strong

Developed and manufactured using durable, strong and high quality stainless steel, the Royal Etch engraving pen is built to stand the test of weather, travel and time.


“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.” 
~Virginia Satir
Hair Etching Tools featuring Razor Design Pen and Nape Undercut Hair Tattoo Designs
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Our mission is to inspire the creative genius within you to stand out boldly. We believe in hair artistry, hair etching tools and craftsmanship that reflects the part of you that is limitless, audacious and relentless in the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Rock that undercut. Show off that stylish hair tattoo. Style up that nape design and share it with pride. Embrace confidence! Be you.


“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself.”
~Bruce Lee
Hair Etching Tools featuring Razor Design Pen and Nape Undercut Hair Tattoo Designs
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Royal Etch is dedicated to developing innovative hair etching tools for hair tattoo designs. We believe in self-expression, freedom and fearless style.


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